In Store Pickup & Local Delivery

All orders for same day and future delivery will be accepted Sunday through Thursday between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM.

Delivery on weekends is performed only if the order is placed during the above weekdays.

Prices for the delivery vary based on the location, desired date, and time of the arrival.

Delivery fee is set by the delivery company.


Customers who are located within a 3-mile radius from Diddy Riese can also use our Grubhub delivery service that is available Monday through Friday between 11:00 AM and 5:00 PM. The minimum purchase for cookies is 1 dozen and the maximum is 5 dozen (no more than 1 dozen of one flavor).
The minimum purchase for ice cream sandwiches is 6 and the maximum is 24. Ice cream sandwich options are limited to the following flavors:
Chocolate Chip & Vanilla
Sugar Cinnamon & Strawberry Cheesecake
Double Chocolate Chip & Espresso
Candy & Mint
Chocolate Chip & Cookie Dough

Grubhub/delivery prices may vary. For additional details, visit Grubhub Restaurant

In-store Pickup/Same Day Delivery

  • Orders for 5 dozen or less cookies and brownies
  • Orders for 24 or less ice cream sandwiches of limited flavors

In-store Pickup/Future Delivery

  • Orders for more than 5 dozen cookies and/or brownies
  • Orders for more than 24 in-stock ice cream sandwiches or custom ice cream sandwiches

Any modifications to the order can be made no later than two days prior to the delivery date.